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Wendy Robinson, Simi Valley, California HomeWreckers

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Date: 5:48 pm

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She came into his life as a co-worker with Martial issues and took advantage of his support, knowing I am with him she came to my baby shower and acted all innocent trying to get at him from day 1. I went to her shower with her husband not knowing it was all fake and she has 2 kids by him, she came from El Salvador 7 years ago as what appears to be a mail order bride… Now bf and I 2 kids been together 8 years everything together including a house, she and him 5 months now and she continues to try to be like me and trying to take my place she won’t leave so f**k her throwing her to the sharks…. picture is of her on my bike and my daughter’s helmet in Gorman…..

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First Name: Wendy
Middle Name: Robinson,
Last Name: Simi Valley, California
Category: HomeWreckers


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