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Wayne Jolla Jr Of ProfessionalCutz Is A Snake, Massive Manipulator Cheaters

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Let me start out by saying that I never post on here. So this is my 1st time. I wanted to speak on this guy Wayne Jolla who I have been knowing since High School. I watch Wayne become to a extent a great barber I’m writing about Wayne because despite him wanting to be seen as a good samaritan with giving out free haircuts. Wayne is a massive Manipulator, cheater and overall snake. This man will doing anything if it benefits him. Even if it includes fuking over good friends. I’ve been knowing him since our high school days and hes always been a cheater. In college, this man would even go as far as sharing his sexual escapades online on p**n websites such as PornHub & yeah everyone remembers that. Wayne true intentions of manipulating situation goes back to his high school day as well as college days at LOUISIANA Technical college. This man has cheated and even was trying to get with his current wife Lauren (more on this dumb bich later) best friend Crystal. Theres rumors and dms from certain people from Instagram that I’ve received showing him dming other women. YOU SIR ARE FOUL. I won’t even mentioned how a guy back in our college days was liking on Lauren and Wayne swindle his way to manipulate the situation only to go back and speak Ill about that dude. Lauren is dumb and only purpose she serves is spreading eagle and getting impregnated by a KNOWN A55holE AND CHEAT. I guess shes just eager for any type of d**k up her v****a or down her throat. This stupid bird even when as far as having a bunch of snot nosed a*s rat faced malnourished looking kids. This man is verbally abusive and much more I’m only writing this because 1 I’m rather f*****g tired of seeing him pretend to be this saint online and in interviews and on Instagram and we know that isnt the case. 2.) My initial post got submit before I was done exposing his a*s. Wayne needs to stop the fronting, stop the lies. Lauren you need to do better

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First Name: Wayne
Middle Name: Jolla
Last Name: Jr Of ProfessionalCutz Is A Snake, Massive Manipulator
Category: Cheaters

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  1. Posted By: Maria
    Date: September 12, 2020 10:13 pm

    El todo el tiempo quiere jugar con mis tatas mientras me corta el pelo

  2. Posted By: Marvin
    Date: September 14, 2020 10:27 pm

    He f**k up my cut real bad and say he try better next time if I let him do it again. Not gonna happen again man.

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