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Warren McHugh Cheaters

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This man has a history of pathological lying and disingenuous behaviour going back to his teenage years, if not into his early childhood. In his middle high school years, Warren got involved with a female high school student who was well known for her academic prowess as well as athletic endeavours. This relationship was frowned upon by not only her parents and friends, who felt Warren was “weird, a liar” and certainly not up to par academically and not at all “on her level” referring to his girlfriend’s intelligence and academic abilities. The girlfriend chose to remain in the relationship but she did begin to notice that Warren lied constantly and about matters so trivial his lying to start with about them made no sense. He boasted that he was involved in Satanism, and that he was working “black magic”. He bought a number of books on occult matters, including the rather infamous ‘Necronomicon’ which is considered, by genuine esotericists and occultists, to be a book written as a joke about how to supposedly conjure demonic entities. He also bought books about and by the infamous occultist Aleister Crowley and, whilst he had no experience in nor talent for, Tarot card reading he did buy the cards commissioned by Crowley by the artist Lady Freida Harris, an English artist and associate of Crowley, the cards themselves are known as the Thoth Tarot deck and are published by U.S. Games Systems, originally in 1978. Most genuine psychics and Tarot readers find the images disturbing and prefer to work with other decks rather than one that Crowley commissioned and apparently worked with. Warren McHugh claimed that he was involved not only with Satanism but “s*x magic”, and he had a copy of books like Anton LaVey’s (1969) “Satanic Bible” and he wanted his girlfriend at the time to get involved in Satanism. She was involved with esoteric and metaphysical matters, including Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot, but she did not have any interest in Satanic matters nor in any of the rituals Warren was interested in, including ones that involved summoning demonic entities. As far as she was concerned, whilst she had been able to sense spirits of people who had passed over (physically died) since earliest childhood but she kept that ability to herself at that time, and especially from fellow school friends particularly since the school was a private Christian school. With Warren telling her about wanting to summon demons such as Asmodeus, along with his wearing t-shirts with Metallica on them and listening to Metallica’s music constantly, along with his reported interest in Satanism, she wondered how seriously to take his claims of interest in Satanism because of his constant pathological lying and what seemed to be a desire to appear powerful if not to sound and maybe feel powerful. Later, in hindsight – and after Psychological Studies at University – she put that down to his parents divorcing as well as speculating that he was a malignant narcissist if not actually a psychopath, due to the fact Warren McHugh meets all the symptoms of the Hare Psychopathic Test and on other revised tests for psychopath, now known generally as ASPD or Antisocial Personality Disorder in the DSM-5.

Teachers who had Warren McHugh in their classes found him problematic in terms of paying attention and disrupting their lessons, as well as distracting other students. He was also regarded warily by many teachers because, as one female teacher put it, he is “weird…and [he] writes about very dark, twisted matters in is journal” (referring to a journal in English class used for writing about anything a student wished) and who warned his girlfriend at that time he was best avoided because he “wasn’t who he seems”, “is disingenuous” and “frequently exaggerates in order to impress” and has “a lack of morals and ethics.”

A product of a divorced couple, he has one younger brother, Michael, and has often used that name, his brother’s name, to obtain fake IDs, passports and similar identification. Michael has spent one year in 1991 studying computer programming at a TECH – a Community College – in Sydney. In 1991, he turned up at a student hostel for female student-only in Glebe, nearby Sydney University, in order to try to talk an old girlfriend of his into taking him back. She politely declined, pointing out a ring she was wearing which was the twin of the one her partner had and who was a martial arts instructor. Once he realised she wasn’t interested in reigniting contact – he went looking for a new girlfrienfdffffffffffffffffffffff=ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

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Last Name: McHugh
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