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Warning! Stay Away from Catherine Rumbolo! – Scammer Scam Alerts

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Date: 10:30 am

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I have recently been scammed on a dating site. I fell victim to one of these scammers. I was contacted at my Yahoo Messenger by Catherine Rumbolo who I had recently been seeing her for about five months on eHarmony. And during the last chat? She didn’t want money! She wanted to give me money! And the told me to open a bank account at PNC Bank, and I’d get 10% to hold for her until she came to live with me, and send her back 90%. of the money So I did this. There were two transactions at PNC Bank totaling $6235.55. But something went wrong with the transactions, and she told me to close the account, but when I tried? It was frozen. The next day, I was called by the PNC Bank and was told that the check was a cunterfeit check and that i am fully responsible for it. Then she says you are her true love and she want so bad to be there with you. This woman is very good at playing on your emotions, telling a sad story of how both her parents died in a car accident and her relatives have disowned her.

Dont fall for it like I did!


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First Name: Warning!
Middle Name: Stay
Last Name: Away from Catherine Rumbolo! – Scammer
Category: Scam Alerts


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