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Violeta Vukosavljevic, Toronto, Canada HomeWreckers

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Date: 6:50 pm

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Violeta, when the man you lived with for ten years begs and pleads with you to move out for an entire year and then forces you out of his house, take the hint that he no longer loves you like he once did, the relationship is over but for the crying, you are no longer his girlfriend and move on. That is how mature, self confident, people handle such life events. He kicked you out in May 2015 and had cheated on you with Carol Barrett, you know her and you knew he was having an affair with her the entire time you were with him. You knew but your lack of self esteem made you delude yourself that you were not seeing what your eyes were seeing. You can read all about Carol Barrett by searching her name on this site. He was having an affair with Linda Borrie from Hamilton.

You can read all about that by searching her name on this site. And he was having an affair with Pam Bell, who also calls herself Leah Belmis, which you are also aware of. Now he is living with another woman which you are aware of. He goes home every night to her. They are seen together around town and at various functions and events together, holding hands, kissing, shopping, grabbing a bite to eat. It is no secret he is living with her and you know she is sleeping in his bed and that they are a couple because you never go over to his house since he kicked you out in May 2015 and she moved in. So you can stop pretending you are his girlfriend because we all know he dumped you. If you are still his girlfriend then why don’t you ever go to his house anymore? We follow her Facebook where there are posts of her and him together as a couple at the house. You can drop the act. You got dumped. He dumped you after cheating on you the entire time you were together.

Pick up what is left of your self respect and move on instead of continuing to look like a desperate old maid. Stop guilting him into helping you with household issues and find yourself a man who actually wants to spend the night with you and doesn’t go home to another woman. Notice he does not cheat on his new woman like he cheated on you the entire time you were dating and living with him. Notice she can disrespect you and dismiss you in front of him and he allows her do it. He has clearly picked her over you which was obvious when he asked you to move out in May 2015. You should have taken the hint then. Stop being a pathetic doormat because people you work with see you as weak and incapable of running your own life so your career, if you can call it that, is at a dead end. No one has respect for a woman who has no self respect for herself. After him kicking you out of his house, you knowing he is now living with another woman and sleeping with her makes YOU the cheating homewrecker in this scenario every manipulating attempt you make to maintain contact and the facade that you are still his girlfriend makes you the attempting home wrecking w***e.

Although we all know he no longer sleeps with you because he won’t cheat on this new woman, no way, he values her too much to do that. And don’t think she is jealous of you because she isn’t. She knows that he would never have kicked you out of his house in May of 2015 if he had any real love left for you. The romance is gone and will never come back. Unlike the rest of the women he was cheating on you with, she wouldn’t have anything to do with him until you were out of his house. When he kicked you out in May 2015 it was perfectly clear to anyone with a brain that your love relationship was over. Let it go and stop pretending there is a relationship with him other than just friends. Let it go. Move on. Get a life. Stop being like the women who ruined your chance at happiness with him, his chance at happiness and most importantly YOUR happiness.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Violeta
Middle Name: Vukosavljevic,
Last Name: Toronto, Canada
Category: HomeWreckers

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  1. Posted By: Chris Steffler
    Date: November 14, 2018 4:00 pm

    NOTICE: Toronto Police 11 Division complaint and on line criminal harassment BING / MICROSOFT Occurrence #SRX1448224473ID false information Cheat Land, Copy write image infringement, online liable, false and defamatory content. Criminal harassment via anonymous user.

    Name: Chris Steffler

    Violeta is my 14 year love and I love her more than anyone. Anonymous jealously constructed harassment is punishable by law. I will find you. If you are lucky the police will find you first.

    Yours Truly,
    Chris Steffler

  2. Posted By: I regret
    Date: January 31, 2019 9:38 pm

    Well, Chris that is not what you were telling me about her when you were making love to me in your bed while she was a work before you finally got her to move out. You told me she was a nagging, controlling b***h who made your life miserable and you couldn’t wait to get away from her. You didn’t have anything nice to say about her. You told me that you had been asking her for over a year to move out and that she was desperate to stay because she is so ugly she couldn’t find another man. You told me she was so ugly you couldn’t even get a hard on for her anymore which is why you stopped having s*x with her and wanted her to move out but she wasn’t taking the hint because she is desperate and ugly. You were hoping she would meet another man seeing as you were not having s*x with her and want to move out to be with him. She is so ugly no man would want her. So you finally had to kick her out.
    If you love her more than anything why were you making plans with me for a future? Why couldn’t you keep your hands off me? Why did you make plans with me to go to Ireland as soon as you got her out of your house? If you loved her more than anyone why were you making love to me in your bed when she was a work? Why did you tell me you loved me? Why were you telling me how ugly, controlling and demanding she was?
    You love her more than anyone but you moved Karen in as soon as you moved Violeta out and you are obviously in a relationship with Karen by the look of you two kissing and holding hands while grocery shopping and on the subway. If you love her more than anyone why are you living with Karen? Karen is stupid to trust you and believe you when you are lying to her and cheating on her but she doesn’t nag and control you like Violeta did which is why you moved her in. Karen is stupid and puts up with being cheated on and lied to.
    Stop being a lying cheater. You are cheating on Karen but she believes your lies. That’s probably why you moved her in because she is too dumb to figure out you are a lying cheating piece of garbage. She thinks all the women are chasing you. Wait until she finds out you are still on Eharmony looking for more women to lie and cheat with.
    You could have had the best but you lied and cheated and wasted my time and ruined my life. If you love Violeta so much why are you living with Karen and why did you tell me how much you hated Violeta and couldn’t wait till she moved out and then made her move out? You lie so much you forget. If you love a woman you do not tell other women how gross, ugly and nagging she is to the women you are having s*x with in your bed. You can cheat without trashing the woman you are cheating on.
    I don’t know why you are so worried, Violeta doesn’t care if you cheat or lie, she is too ugly to get another man so she will accept being treated like a doormat to wipe your feet on. She will nag and b***h at you about it but she will accept it because no other man wants her. I feel sorry for her being so ugly that she has to put up with a cheating lying a*****e like you.

  3. Posted By: Jessica
    Date: February 1, 2019 9:58 pm

    D**n, he told me he didn’t even have a girlfriend! F*****g lying piece of s**t sleeping with not one, not two, but three different b*****s and telling me he hadn’t even been with a woman for so long that he hoped he remembered how to perform. I guess ugly girls don’t count? Maybe ugly guys don’t count either?!
    I hope it falls off you f*****g piece of s**t!

    Jessica – the pretty one, remember ?

    • Posted By: Knows better
      Date: February 6, 2019 3:04 pm

      When was he trying to get you to believe he was single?
      You had no idea he is living with one woman and continuing to drag Violeta through his mud, all the while keeping an active profile on Eharmony claiming he is looking for a wife?

      He is a special kind of evil and sick. No wonder they kicked his a*s out of the band.

  4. Posted By: Knows Better
    Date: February 6, 2019 3:09 pm

    How stupid is Violeta? The man is living with a woman, and he has an active profile on Eharmony looking for a Wife!
    Violeta knows all this and is so desperate to be someone that she puts up with being bad mouthed by this loser to all the women he is trying to stick his d**k into, that she doesn’t care as long as she can play the part of “Rockstar’s girlfriend” at work in front of people. She enables him. She is as bad as he is as she knows what he does and she encourages it and enables his cruel playing with innocent women who don’t know he is a creep.
    Stay away from this one ladies as he is a nightmare.

  5. Posted By: Liz
    Date: February 9, 2019 7:56 pm

    Chris tried to play me too. I met him on Eharmony because his profile says he is looking for a woman to marry. He lied to be about him being single when he was living with a woman. He seems to get off on taking risks seeing as he was trying to meet me for coffee just steps away from the home she shares with the present stupid woman he is living with.
    He is very charming and has wonderful stories to tell to suck you into his cheating world of lies. He talks of natural health interests which sucked me right in because I work at a health food store just up the street from him.
    I am sorry for any hurt I have caused the woman he is living with as she seems like a sweet lady who doesn’t deserve to be disrespected by a lying, cheating loser like Chris. I am thankful that I saw him out with Carol during the time he was trying to suck me into his game. Seeing him with her was enough for me to know he wasn’t worth anymore of my time and effort. Carol is no innocent victim in any of this, she is scum of the earth knowingly involved with a man and cheating with him and helping him hide it from the other women he uses to survive.
    I feel sorry for the women sucked into his game, too insecure and lacking in a healthy sense of self worth that they allow themselves to be used and abused by this narcissist. Jessica, you were not the first, nor will you be the last of his victims. Why would any woman stay with this game player when he has an active Eharmony profile saying he is looking for Miss Perfect to be his wife. His profile also claims he is single which will likely shock the numerous women who think he is their boyfriend. The women who think he is their boyfriend would be well served to read his Eharmony profile so they would know without any doubt that he is actively looking for a “wife” and if any of them were ‘the one’ why is he still looking on Eharmony?
    He is so very charming and even after I found out he was living with a woman while he was trying to seduce me, I wanted to believe his lies. When I saw him with what looked like a blonde, disease infested, street hooker, that is when I knew I had to get away before I got infected with anything he was exposing himself to. He doesn’t seem to have an sort of standards one would expect someone like him to have. If he would be kissing this blonde street hooker with herpes sores around her lips, I didn’t want to be exposed to that. He obviously doesn’t care about any of the women he involves himself with if he exposes them to what looks like a walking STD poster child.
    I am sorry for having gone against my better judgement for having anything to do with Chris. I am sorry for the woman he is living with as she is quite beautiful and deserves so much better than Chris. I understand she is also quite ill and she deserves better than to be exposed to diseases brought home to their bed by his cheating. I wish her good health and hopes she gets away from his abusive narcissistic personality.
    Violeta should consider herself lucky to have escaped him. If she has any brains she will never let him back into her life again. I know I won’t let him back in.
    Liz – You remember me don’t you Chris? You wanted to meet me at The Hula Girl for coffee while the woman you live with lay three doors away, too sick to know you were cheating and lying. Stop lying that she is your boss. She is the woman you live with. I have been so tempted to tell her but I don’t want to hurt her. Apparently you don’t care who you hurt.

  6. Posted By: Withheld
    Date: February 12, 2019 12:27 pm

    I am ashamed to admit I was naive enough at my age to get sucked into Chris’ game. I met him through Eharmony, fooled by his profile saying all the right things a woman wants to hear. He was looking to be married, for that special woman to be his one and only. What a crock.
    I was on cloud nine, he was so dreamy. He is also well skilled in the art of making love. He doesn’t talk much but he sure knows how to use his tongue where it counts. It was dreamy. He was dreamy. The moment I thought I had found my dream come true, the dream and the dreamy guy who created it, turned into a nightmare that I won’t get over for a very long time. He loved it when I called him dreamy, my dream come true. He was the perfect lover, the best oral s*x I ever enjoyed and he always maintained contact every day and night. I loved his dreamy good night love pecks and cheerful morning love notes.
    I refused to see the flashing red warning signs telling me this dream was too good to be true. He had the best excuses for all his suspicious behavior. After reading all these posts, he obviously had lots of practice lying and getting his game perfected on the many women he apparently plays this game with. I should have known that a man who is never available Friday to Monday is cheating. He has lies and plays lined up to use from years of playing with women’s hearts.
    When I voiced my concerns to him that he was never available Friday nights or on the weekends to go out which made him look like a typical cheating husband, he nonchalantly brushed it off, calling me crazy. To prove me wrong he immediately arranged with me to meet him downtown Saturday afternoon. As we were grabbing a bite to eat and doing some shopping that Saturday I thought how crazy was I to ever think he could be lying to me and how lucky I was to be dating such a dreamy man. Still a little voice inside my head was screaming like the robot on Lost In Space “Warning, warning!”.
    The later it got in our Saturday afternoon date the more nervous he started to act, uncomfortable, almost like he was hiding from someone he expected to run into.
    The later it got the more guilty he started to act and the more suspicious I became. He uses your suspicions against you to make you feel guilty for questioning his truthfulness and loyalty. Even though your suspicions are correct, he is able to twist that and make you feel you deserve for him to ignore you, or end a date or refuse to spend time together for having offended him with accusations he makes out to be false when in fact they are true. It is designed to make you crazy, make you feel crazy, not trust your gut, ignore your better judgement and suck you deeper and deeper into his insane world of lies and deception.
    He had told me that he had “studio time” booked before the date even started so I knew our date was soon ending, which made his nervous and guilty behavior even more suspicious. We hugged and kissed goodbye at the entrance to the subway and I headed back home.
    I couldn’t quiet the alarm bells going off in my head and turned around to satisfy the nagging gut feeling that something was fishy with this guy. No wonder he was acting so nervous and guilty. No wonder he suddenly couldn’t get rid of me fast enough. There he was in plain view, just moments after kissing and hugging me goodbye, with a woman who he was obviously romantically involved with. No wonder he is never/rarely available Fridays to Mondays.
    He is such an incredible liar. The lies just roll off his tongue with such ease as he looks you directly in the eye so convincingly sincere.
    He was my first date since my divorce. He has forever stolen my trust. He looked me directly in the eye and lied to me with such sincerity that I will never be able to trust another man again. He was so sincere in his protests of his innocence when I accused him of cheating and lying about being single, he actually had me apologizing to him for having doubted him. He is the type of person who destroys your soul with his lies, deception and narcissism. He had me ignoring my gut instincts that were warning me and telling me that he was not what he claimed to be. His head games are dangerously destructive.
    Swipe left on this one. He is one of those men you wish you had never met. The longer you spend time with him the more of yourself gets forever lost. I had already lost so much of my confidence in myself and my judgments in the short time I was sucked into his lies and deception, feeling myself drowning as I was caught up in the swirling, flushing toilet bowl that is the confusion and craziness he creates.
    Any woman who stays in a relationship with Chris or any man like him, needs professional help. The longer you spend time with him the more damaged and addicted to the chaos that swirls around him, you become. He is toxic quicksand. I feel sorry for the women involved with him. They do not deserve this bullying and smearing on sites like this. They need help and if you are reading this and know any of the woman involved with Chris, reach out and help them, support them to escape the destructive interactions with this narcissist.
    He leaves a trail of broken and destroyed souls in his wake. He is not a dream. He is a nightmare. When he meets a woman she is strong and independent which his lies, deception and gaslighting quickly destroys every second they spend involved with him. Once his toxic behavior has destroyed their sense of self to the point they are just an empty shell of what they used to be, he is no longer interested in them other than for what they provide for him, be it s*x, gifts, money, help with his career or whatever he needs for his survival.
    I have seen him around town since that Saturday, with different women, same game being played. I avoid him like the plague. I just smile and walk on, grateful that I didn’t end up like the poor woman this post is about, and empty shell with no soul left to stand up for myself. Picking on these women is wrong. Please be kind to them. They are all victims. He has so destroyed them at their very core soul, that they are bonded to him like victims of Stockholm Syndrome.
    Chris is a very broken soul. You cannot fix or help Chris, you can only help yourself. Thank you G*D for giving me the strength to do the right thing and walk away when the proof of his cheating and lying was right in front of my eyes. I am grateful that I did not end up like these women have, broken, empty shells of what were once proud , self assured woman.
    The only winners here are the ones that were smart and emotionally mature and secure enough to walk away from this nightmare.

  7. Posted By: Been There
    Date: February 17, 2019 2:14 am

    I am another victim of this creep. I agree with the others he is very charming. He tells a great story and can look you directly in the eye and lie like a rug without breaking a sweat. He told me he and Violeta had broken up and were just roommates. She was looking for a place and would soon move out.
    He strung me along with that story for about six months. I was stupid and naive and had just been through a divorce. I was vulnerable and he knew it and took advantage of it. I helped him hide our affair from Violeta because I believed him when he said although it was over between them he didn’t feel the need to crush her with the knowledge that he had found someone else. That lie just made me love him even more.
    Well the game got old after six month and I got wise. He made me untrusting of men. His lies, deceit and deception have forever stolen my ability to trust what a man says. I am sorry I allowed my love for him cloud my moral judgement and choices. What I did was wrong. I learned a great lesson.
    After reading all this I am so glad I made the choice to walk away and never look back. If I cross paths with in him the city I avoid him like an STD. He is a known womanizer. I can’t believe the number of women who have had affairs/flings with him who have just happened to cross my path too. That is how I found out about this blog one of his OTHER women told me about it.
    Someone needs to post HIM as on one of these cheating sites seeing as he likes to party with women who are involved in steady relationships so that they don’t cause him any problems with outing him. He likes to carry on affairs with women who have more to lose than he does.

  8. Posted By: Justin Trudeau’s p***y
    Date: February 18, 2019 12:42 am

    Love is certainly a b***h

  9. Posted By: Too ashamed to admit it.
    Date: May 9, 2019 7:38 am

    I am devastated to read all this. I met Chris a few months ago. After reading this all his behavior now makes sense. I am SO sorry I was so blinded by his being famous that I didn’t see the obvious.
    I am so sorry I slept with him. The last time I slept with him was a little less than a month ago and the only reason I gave into him then was because he lied to me making me feel sorry for him. He is the best liar and manipulator I have ever known in my life and at my age I should have known better.
    After reading all this I am going to my doctor today to be checked for sexually transmitted diseases and so should everyone else who has touched this disgusting POS. I feel so gross and dirty after reading this. My skin is crawling.

  10. Posted By: Too ashamed to admit it
    Date: May 9, 2019 7:54 am

    I just wanted to add that by brother is a member of the Toronto Police Services and the statement supposedly made by Chris about the occurrence number is false. There is no such occurrence number as that. Just another example of the insane lies and deceptions that surround this man. His lies are all very easily seen if you just open your eyes ladies and stop blinding yourselves to the truth.
    I even doubt it was Chris who posted that comment, I think it was the woman this Cheater post is about posting as Chris to maintain her delusion that she has a relationship with him still. She is not living with him anymore and hasn’t been for over 5 years.
    Violeta, if you are reading this you need to get mental health help. You also need to get tested for diseases if he is still sleeping with you. I will pray for you because your time with him has obviously reduced you to a pathetic mess who doesn’t believe they deserve better than being lied to and cheated on daily.
    Take Violeta as a horrible warning ladies, involving yourself with a POS who lies and cheats will turn you into a Violeta and that is nothing to be proud of. Look at Violeta and how she has and is being humiliated daily, online and in public, and know that will be you if you involve yourself with lying, cheating POS like Chris.

  11. Date: July 1, 2019 7:23 pm

    Stumbling across this was like being given a front row seat to watch karma perform. Couldn’t be happening to a more deserving stuck up b*itch. Proof that you can’t believe anything anyone tells you. She claims she is a rock star’s girlfriend when she is quite clearly just the doormat he wipes his dirty feet on and she accepts her place as never being good enough for him to marry but is so desperate to be someone that she willingly accepts all the other women in his life and all the disease spreading that comes with it.
    To be so pathetically desperate that you would willingly expose yourself to diseases like herpies, cancer causing genital warts and AIDS is the most tragic case of low self esteem I have ever witness. I am so disgusted by reading all this that I refuse to use the bathroom at work which she normally uses in favor of another washroom that is not as convenient to use but at least I know it is not full of whatever diseases these freaks are carelessly spreading though the pubic places they use. The thought of using the same bathroom as her is just so repulsive and vile, and it makes me feel dirty just thinking about it.
    She needs a h**l of a lot more than mental health therapy, she needs to go to the public health clinic to clean herself up because she is working with children in a school and exposing them to diseases she welcomes in to her life by remaining his doormat. She is the worst possible example for a role model for young women.
    A previous person leaving a comment was right when they stated she is a horrible warning to women about how NOT be conduct your life especially when dealing with people in her life who repeatedly behave in a manner that puts everyone they come in contact with at risk for serious sexually transmitted diseases such a herpies, cancer causing genital warts and HIV.

  12. Posted By: Looks good on you
    Date: July 20, 2019 11:04 pm

    Looks like that backfired on your badly.

  13. Posted By: Lisa
    Date: July 20, 2019 11:17 pm

    Violeta Vukosavljevic puts on like she is something special when she is hiding the fact she allows herself to be treated like dirt. She is so desperate to be considered special so she can justify sticking her nose in the air all the time that she is willing to be the laughing stock of the city. Your secret is out so you can stop acting like you are above everyone and come back down to earth.

  14. Posted By: OfficeGurl
    Date: July 30, 2019 1:21 pm

    Karma of being with a cheating p***k couldn’t happen to a more deserving, nasty b*tch as Violeta. So much for her act that she is something special. The only thing special about Violeta is that she has such extremely low self worth issues that she desperately clings to someone who cheats on her and humiliates her daily with such disgusting trashy hoes that even the trashy women he cheats with won’t put up with it.
    Violeta, you are not special, you are pathetic and desperate. You really do need professional help to develop some self respect and esteem.

  15. Posted By: Laughing
    Date: August 12, 2019 10:45 pm

    Violeta Vukosavljevic deserves all the misery and bad karma headed her way. She needs to learn she is nothing special, especially when she is being cheated on, played for a fool and publicly humiliated by allowing herself to be treated like a doormat by a washed up musician. Now whenever we see her we just snicker behind her back because we know her nose in the air is just a big act.
    She thinks she is so fashionable and stylish when she looks horrid in anything she wears. She has the most oddly put together body, with lower legs like stove pipes, no ankles at all, just so unattractive legs, she should never wear anything that shows her lower legs, she should wear pants all the time to cover the lack of any dainty looking ankle. She looks more like something out of a Borat movie.

  16. Posted By: Spectator
    Date: May 9, 2020 10:58 pm

    Interesting reading. It is like watching a car crash, you can’t not look.

  17. Posted By: Shelter Giver
    Date: May 14, 2020 9:36 am

    Sad to see women degrading themselves for a man who obviously no longer loves them but more than likely feels sorry for them and is trying to be a good friend in letting them down easy. I often wonder what it takes for such women to gain self respect or if they every will. It is the reason that women stay in abusive relationships until they are either totally destroyed or killed. It is not love it is a sickness, a mental illness that needs to be treated. It is horrible to watch someone go through such degrading, self caused hardships. There is no helping such women until they themselves make the choice that they are destroying themselves by staying and make the choice to get out.

    • Posted By: Withheld
      Date: July 8, 2020 6:01 pm

      These are the most intelligent words on this page.

  18. Posted By: withheld
    Date: July 8, 2020 6:06 pm

    Biggest regret of my life getting involved with Chris Steffler. I had a wonderful life until I got sucked into his vortex of lies, decent and cheating.
    A warning to ALL WOMEN, he has HERPES and everyone, and there are many likely of both sexes, who has any sort of s*x of any kind with him risk also becoming infected with herpes.
    I feel sorry for all the women who’s lives he ruins with his cheating. He ruined mine.

  19. Posted By: Not a fan
    Date: July 11, 2020 4:26 pm

    The epitome of ugly pretends to be a fashion blogger. She is a walking laughing stock to all of us who laugh at her attempts to remain relevant as the only thing that made her relevant kicked her out of his house in favor of a much classier woman. She now as resorted to using photoshop to remove the wrinkles from her face in all her pictures. I saw her on the street the other day and she is still as wrinkled as ever and fatter. Usually gaining weight will fill out a lot of the wrinkles but, that didn’t seem to be the case with her. Now she is fat and wrinkled with thick ankles. She ages like the grape rather than the wine made from the grape.
    I noticed she has now started to photoshop ever picture of her face to remove the crater like wrinkles.
    It is unfortunate for her that she cannot photoshop her thick ankles and incredibly ugly feet. She has the thick ankles of a peasant. Why on earth she would post pictures of her feet, even in shoes, with how disgustingly ugly they are, is a mystery. Her eyesight is obviously worse than she is aware of if she thinks the veins popping all over her lumpy feet is attractive to post on social media. I have never seen such lumpy, deformed looking feet in my life. Please stop posting pictures of your feet unless you are going to photoshop the veins and the lumpiness out of them. Why are they so lumpy? I have never seen anything like it. They are so lumpy it is like someone photoshopped them to make them look super deformed like the click bait sites. Maybe that was her plan, post such grotesque pictures that people click on them to see if they are in fact real. Yes, they are, those feet really are that ugly. The feel were so ugly I can’t even remember anything about the shoes at all just the grotesque looking feet with the thick ankles you would expect to see on Oxen pulling a plow.

  20. Posted By: Not Going Anywhere
    Date: July 11, 2020 5:29 pm

    Never forget that when he is kissing you it is with lips that only a few hours and sometimes only a few minutes earlier were pleasuring me with his expert oral skills. It gives me the greatest o*****s knowing that when he gives you a kiss it will be with the essence of our lovemaking on his lips. So enjoy any kisses you might get knowing that his lips were licking and sucking me to o****m. That is as disrespectful as a man can get towards a woman, knowingly kissing her with the same lips he just orally pleasured another women with.
    Some woman have no self respect. You gave him the ultimatum to pick you and get rid of the other women and what did he do? He didn’t pick you did he? No he kicked your a*s out and so now you beg and plead while he kisses you with lips that have been sucking on the love tunnel of a woman you could never measure up to.
    That is why your blogging is so hilarious. As if any woman would take advice of any kind, especially fashion advice, from a you. Ha.

  21. Posted By: Spectator
    Date: July 27, 2020 4:11 pm

    The saga continues. Pathetic

    • Posted By: Lance Alot
      Date: August 17, 2020 6:59 am

      The stupidity of women never ceases to amaze me. Any man who would stick with this ugly hag has major issues or is using her for something, likely money or security, it sure isn’t for her looks. The fact she is a fashion blogger is so hilarious with her picture on her blog looking like she just dragged herself out of bed after a heavy night of drinking. No glamour there, no wonder she gets cheated on. When you see the picture she uses on her fashion blog you understand why so many people comment on her being delusional. Who in their right mind would take fashion advice from something that looks like she does.

  22. Posted By: You know who
    Date: January 30, 2021 7:58 pm

    Oh look who is breaking public health orders! I am not surprised. How convenient it is to have this forum to call you out on your bad behavior. Thank you Cheatland. This lowlife only follows rules when it serves her purpose to manipulate her target otherwise she is a walking violation of public health issues. Herpes is a nasty disease that cheaters get. When Public Health catches up with you be sure to follow through with them and get tested for all the sexually transmitted diseases. Sticking your head in the sand and pretending like you are not a walking public health disaster puts everyone you come in contact with in jeopardy. What a horrid role model you are for children, no wonder you never had any.

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