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Victoria Pierle, New York Cheaters

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This business woman and pharmacist tried to steal my life. My husband (not her first married man) works with her sister (as have 4 or so of her “men” over the years). She told him “I want to pretend you’re single for tonight” and convinced him his life sucked. Of course, she has never married and has no children, we had three older children, and a house just a country block away from her sister. I had no idea it was going on, and he treated me and our kids terribly…she offered to pay for his divorce, and told him “Your kids will love me” all before I even knew she existed and as my husband said “Our marriage isn’t over…I love you but I’m not in love with you”. This is a woman who has “make up parties” in women’s homes, and encourages women to be their best…she’s a saleswoman and a pharmacist (who told my husband EVERY person’s personal business, like who has what VD’s.) So, as I had emergency spinal surgery (before I even knew about the affair) she rang his cell phone over and over as I was being wheeled in…insecure much lady? She even told my husband he couldn’t break up with her because she had been anorexic and had a weak heart. This was the worst time of my life. My husband came home to me in tears and begging for forgiveness and going to therapy for mid-life crisis. Working it out has been hard. I’ve loved my husband since I was 18, for 15 years. And she is the opposite of me. I’m a wife and mom… Then a year and a half later she calls to threaten my kid, who wasn’t getting along with her niece in school, saying “If you can’t set your (11 yr old) daughter straight, I’ll come up there and do it.” I had to put my kids in therapy they were so traumatized by this woman driving her pink caddy by our house day in and day out…even when their daddy had moved out. Seeing as the niece told my daughter “it wasn’t too bad when Aunt Vicki and your dad slept in my bed, mom always changed the sheets the next day.” Nice huh? Welcome to my nightmare. I hate this town. Oh, then the next guy? She got mad because she found him s******g a stripper (PS she was s******g someone else too), attacked him and called the cops who escorted her out…him? He had scratches across his face and was bleeding, he’s such a winner he went out to a bar for a drink with his b****y face. Yeah, I get a liquid pap test twice a year thanks to this woman. And as I’m baking cupcakes for my daughter’s math class and hanging my husband’s clean laundry…I’m not sure I’ll ever feel secure again. “Bad company ruins good morals” Corinthians. If this woman is your friend, run away and monitor your husband’s facebook, email and cell phone. She is a serial married man-aholic. I wouldn’t want her doing my wedding make-up or knowing what prescriptions I’m using.

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First Name: Victoria
Middle Name: Pierle,
Last Name: New York
Category: Cheaters


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