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Victoria Garza Cheaters

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This woman actually did me a favor in the end. However. I will keep this short. I was on vacation in Ohio visiting family. Day before my return my spouse tells me he cheated on me with a coworker. I returned home and to find Black Panties in my bedroom. I was so heart broken. He begged me to stay and forgive him. I was so numb at the whole situation i didn’t know what to do. The next night we went to dinner. We came home and all the windows were broken to our home. She left a note saying not to f**k with her and she was pregnant…This girl ended our relationship and stalked me for months afterwards. She called my job, friends and family threatening me and them. We ended our relationship of 8 1/2 years. I blame both of them not just her. To be honest it was for the best I could not be happier. Plus his son is white with light blue eyes. He is dark with dark eyes….so anyways thank you Victoria Garza im sure you are living a miserable life!

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First Name: Victoria
Middle Name:
Last Name: Garza
Category: Cheaters


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