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Van Radford, San Francisco, California

He stalked me for nine months after we broke up. We broke up because he “borrowed” five thousand dollars that he had no intention of paying back (and still hasn’t- he says, “You lied about loving me so I don’t have to pay you back.”, lied constantly about paying bills, causing my credit to suffer, he accused me of lying and cheating neither of which i did, and he called my family over TEN TIMES per day after i broke up with him. My father had to threaten him(and hang up on him repeatedly) to get him to stop. I had to change my phone number and move several times, including out of my own home, where I held the lease. He stalked me at my job, sent me psycho emails, harassed my friends, begging to talk to me. i told him I would talk with him when he paid me back. Guess what? It’s been several years and that m**********r still owes me 5 grand. I finally had to get a restraining order on his sick a*s. He has a Chinese girlfriend who is new to this country. I feel really sorry for her, because I have heard that this is his MO. When someone is finaly retarded enough to date him, he becomes maniclly obsessed with them while also sucking money and energy off of them until they loathe him. He is manic-depressive and also has a personality disorder–diagnoed multiple times, he is good at making people feel sorry for him. He is one person who I really hold a lot of contempt and anger for. What a jackass.

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