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Valeria Nohely Torres HomeWreckers

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Date: 5:46 pm

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This homewrecker knew He was married and has 2 kids. She didn’t respect the fact that he was already involved in a relationship. His wife after not wanting to put up with his c**p kicked him out. He willingly took that opportunity to f**k around with her. Meanwhile still going to see his kids and having s*x with his still wife! She says his wife isn’t a good wife because of conflicts between them! Ha! And because now due to problems caused by her, he is not allowed to see his kids. But she says she is good enough to keep him because his wife is a bad wife for defending herself and expecting some respect from a man.

She is a careless homewrecker who from her family is hiding his marital status and the fact he has two kids, she brings him around and gives him money. All in all she doesn’t care to have ruined a family because she is getting laid. He has lied about her all the time doesn’t post her pictures, or anything about her. She parades pictures of them both while he is still married. And when he spent a night in jail she was watching twilight movies, such a worried homewrecker.

She actually tried to become friends with his wife! And talk to her all while she was lying and she knew everything. This homewrecker has done it once and will do it again. He is doing to her the same thing he did to his wife, talking to other women all the time including his ex girlfriends. 🙂

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First Name: Valeria
Middle Name: Nohely
Last Name: Torres
Category: HomeWreckers


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