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TRK Construction Business

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We advise that you avoid any interaction with convicted Missouri felon and sociopath Todd Ray Keilholz (Date of Birth: 07/21/1963), of TRK Construction (Kansas City MO).
TRK Construction
8350 North St. Clair Ave Suite 200
Kansas City, Missouri 64151


508 Summerhill Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65109
Mr. Keilholz is a convicted Missouri felon, he is a career criminal with an extensive criminal record who deals in the following: forgery, stealing, bad checks, identity theft, embezzlement, and other.
Because of his conviction on the charge of forgery, it has been reported that a Missouri court once banned Mr. Keilholz from owning a checking account.
Mr. Keilholz has been convicted, on at least, two felony counts and has served time in a Missouri correctional facility.
Mr. Keilholz is currently out of prison and running amok.
A Missouri Prosecuting Attorney has described Mr. Keilholz as a fearless and relentless criminal and sociopath.
Mr. Keilholz is well known by many in the law enforcement community.
Mr. Keilholz is using Internet s*x and dating sites as a means to pursue criminal activities, and to engage in deviant sexual practices (often using the username of TRK1963).
Mr. Keilholz is a serial adulterer.
There are records of Mr. Keilholz’s legal record in the Colombia Tribune.
At least two order-of-protections have been filed against Mr. Keilholz in a Missouri courtroom.
Mr. Keilholz has committed crimes which are not present in the public record, and it is estimated that he has victimized at least 100 persons.
Mr. Keilholz’s legal record, on Missouri Case Net, goes onto eight pages.

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First Name: TRK
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Last Name: Construction
Category: Business


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