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Tri State Trash: Mindy Murray & Khloe Psychos

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Date: 11:39 pm

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Girls like Mindy Murray and Khloe are very well known for using people, very much acting like they’re at work 24/7. They can and will use every guy and girl for money and they will show interest in you as long as you buy them something or take them somewhere. They use any and every man and woman that will spend money on them.

Mindy Murray and Khloe Murray are the prototypes.

Meet Mindy Murray and Khloe, Cincinnati, Ohio’s and Northern KY’s #1 pathological liars, LESBIAN, narcissist, con artist, deadbeat, serial cheaters, manipulating w***es, homewrecker, criminal, felon, and a grimy, trifling thieves. Mndy not only cheated on her ex of a 2 yr relationship, but she was caught cheating on him with a woman so she can be a lesbian for her own benefit, using her daughter in the process. Because she was caught cheating and it all blew up in her face instead of being a real woman and swallowing the pill of shame, she and Khloe decided steal from anyone and everyone she possibly can while running, hiding, and ducking like the two face coward she is, choosing to go too far with her acts of cowardice while investing in a fake persona behind mobile devices and social media, resorting to blocking as a way to prove she completely lacks character as a human being…and as NBA star Kevin Durant would say, they takes pride in being “fake tough”.

Mindy and Khloe Murray are the true definition of grimy, trifling coward ratchet. The city feels sorry for any man and woman that actually knows these money hungry, cowardly, pathetic, toxic, narcissistic walking disgraces. The only these lames care about is themselves. They have no remorse for anyone that gets hurt in the process of their selfish, manipulative, vindictive ways so we shall have no remorse for them as they’re heartless trash who needs to be outright put away for good.

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First Name: Tri
Middle Name: State
Last Name: Trash: Mindy Murray & Khloe
Category: Psychos

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  1. Posted By: Chevy Malibu
    Date: November 21, 2020 9:04 pm

    When is Darren Ambler going to grow up and get help? Mindy does not want him. No one wants this reject. Darren is an idiot full of disease and lord knows what else. He needs therapy for his damaged brain. He needs a boyfriend or Lady friend. even a hobby would help. I forgot he is Bi sexual. All the drugs and booze finally fried what little brain the idiot had left. Probably never got the STD treatment he so badly needed. Bonkers! Psycho Nut!!!

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