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Trevor Devon Thornton Cheaters

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Beware of Trevor Devon Thornton. This man is going around the country trying to impregnate every woman he meets. He pretends that he is rich living a lavish lifestyle. He will woo you with jewelry, gifts, and flowers. He will present you with fake w-2s and fake bank accounts. He drives expensive cars (not in his name), but I don’t think he even has a driver’s license. He will tell you he is divorced and has only one daughter. Now I know when I met him he was legally married to at 3 women and engaged to another one possibly more. He is only 31 and has been married 7 times that I know of probably more. We have discovered almost a dozen children likely more. He seems to be a loving devoted father. NOT! I have seen the child support statements in Hillsborough County, Florida alone showing he owes over $100,000 in child support. He told me he already owned property around the country including a mansion in Atlanta.He said he was buying a multimillion dollar home in the DC area for us to reside. He took me on private showings of these homes. He used this ruse to scam thousands of dollars out of me. I now know he never graduated from Georgia Tech. He is not a member of Kappa Alpha Psi. He didn’t even graduate high school. He is a professional con artist. He will tell you he is in the military, works for the FTC, or a secret agent. Do not believe it. All lies. Stay away from this man. I have talked to numerous women in the last couple of days since I found out the truth about this man. He doesn’t own any property. He lives with multliple women and bounces from hotels staying with various women. Don’t be fooled. He is only using you. Even if you see him with alot of cash. He acquired it through fraud or illegal means. Everything about him is a lie. All you have to do is google him to see the various wives and wedding registries.

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First Name: Trevor
Middle Name: Devon
Last Name: Thornton
Category: Cheaters


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