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Tracy Newman Weatherford Cheaters

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I met Tracy at a good time in my life because I just found out my ex was having my baby and I was more than ready to venture into the heart of a great person. I chose OK Cupid as a place to do just that and Tracy liked me right away and I learned she was an Insurance Senior Account Executive at Wells Fargo Bank living in New Tampa, Florida. This Dade City, Florida native and I spoke for a day or two and we decided we were a great match and I met her in person near my home. She was beautiful and there was nothing that could go wrong at that moment. Our meeting was brief and she followed me home where in a matter of a few minutes, we were having s*x and it was an amazing few hours. Tired and having to sleep, I awoke to see that Tracy had vanished. She was nowhere to be found and this woman had used me and never thought twice about leaving. I sent her a text and she made it clear that I was not the one for her and she thought I was a player because my profile was still up on the website. I explained to her that I was not what she thought and after a full day of convincing her, she decided to come over again the next day. Be aware that this is Christmas morning she left me and this was the beginning of a struggle with this Evil Woman. Tracy would invite herself back into my heart for another amazing night of intense s*x. She was amazing in bed and we began talking throughout the night about her past. Tracy was involved in a lifestyle I hadn’t been accustomed to. She used to date a married man for a period of two years and this guys wife was ok with it because they were in an open marriage. His name was Mark and he introduced Tracy into a world of s*x and gang bangs and S&M. Tracy told me she had s*x with black men, multiple men and women and all at the call of Mark and she enjoyed it thoroughly. Orgies would run wild and she was even seen at a place in Brandon, Fl called “Eyes Wide Shut” where others would view her having s*x in a room through windows. She didnt have a care in the world and she even introduced this piece of c**p to her daughter at home and her mother. This idiot was using Tracy and she lied about it on her profile on OK Cupid and that’s where the lies began. She would eventually admit falling in love with this idiot and she even has a friend (Ryan) who she met through one of the s*x-capades with Mark. She was cheating on me during the weeks we were together on the same site I met her on and I caught her a few times. Tracy Newman Weatherford is a liar, a player , con-artist, a sexual user, cheater, and most of all a bad mom. She showed me pics of her ex Mark having s*x with her. It was disgusting and she didnt care that her daughter knew about it. I found out I was having twins recently and a week after getting the news, Tracy told me she didnt think she could handle it anymore because she at first mentioned to me that she would be glad to have the babies in her home and in their own room. That same day, my babies mother shot herself (suicide) and when I sought out comfort with Tracy, she rejected me. I begged to see her so that I could hold her, but she basically hung up the phone and that was it. At that point, I figured she was with another one of her many lovers or I was a victim of the bite from the Black Widow. I hate her so much and I wish nothing but cruelness and Karma her way from this point on. Since the first day we met at that gas station, I have had nothing but dysfunction with Tracy and I truly think she is one messed up person. She seems like a great person on the outside, but on the inside she is a ticking time bomb. She was married to an idiot for years who decided to mutually walk away and she found Mark. Any woman who is stupid enough to subject themselves to s******g a married guy and than falling in love with him, has alot of issues and needs Therapy! I hope Tracy gets the help she needs because all I got from her were Broken Promises, Lies, 2 good nights of s*x and a partially broken heart. She will destroy anything in her path and she doesnt care about anyone but herself.s About My Ex Be as detailed as possible. We want all of the juicy details.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Tracy
Middle Name: Newman
Last Name: Weatherford
Category: Cheaters


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