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Torva Hare Henderson, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Torva Hare Henderson is a school principal that’s right folks you read it here. She has at least a dozen aliases. Why? Because loose torrid cheap desperate no class pathetic losers like her are often ashamed and have to hide behind their nasty behavior in order to slither through society. Torva Hare Henderson is having disgusting relations with a MARRIED man whose wife is very sick. Torva is having s*x with multiple coworkers. She should go sit her old dirty a*s down somewhere. Her V*g is comparable to a pot of scrambled eggs nasty loose and funky. She actually tried to advise the married coworker whom she is throwing herself after to drop his very sick wife from his insurance. Torva Henderson is so low as a human that she slithers. She is probably the most homely thing ever she has a giant chin huge manly shoulders and skinny legs. In fact kids at the school she works captured her and a coworker getting nasty during school hours. She even got her diploma as a special favor while working at an online college. Scum filth the w***e went to dinner with the married man the same day his wife had cancer treatment and she knows the wife. Milwaukee watch out TRASH ALERT TORVA HARE HENDERSON AKA SCUMMY S**T

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1 thought on “Torva Hare Henderson, Milwaukee, Wisconsin”

  1. Shanda McClure and her daughter Daja Boyd are responsible for this false post about Torva. I know the truth about Shamda’s husband and Daja’s step father if they continue to make false post about Torva. I will use all the social media platforms they have used to falsely accuse Torva to tell the truth about Shanda’s husband and Daja’s step father. So I am asking for the both of you to stop or the truth will be revealed.

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