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Tony Seljak, Toronto Canada Cheaters

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Tony Seljak Thief Property Manager of York Condominium Corporate 42 YCC # 42 and President of Summerhill Property Management in Toronto Ontario Canada is a convicted criminal with a lengthy criminal record for many sexual assaults, a series of vicious rapes on young children, fraud, embezzlement, extortion, etc. Tony Seljak recently got released from prison on parole after serving a lengthy jail time and he is also HIV positive with AIDS and various other STDs. Tony Seljak is the unethical and corrupt property manager at York Condominium Corporation # 42 (YCC # 42), yes, the infamous Dixon Road buildings subject of the Toronto Police “Project Traveler” raids involving the Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine video. Tony Seljak is the epitome of a fraud who has been embezzling a substantial amount of money (i.e. in the millions of dollars range) though funds that are paid by the homeowners through their monthly common expenses and other fees; Tony Seljak has been admonished and accused of serious financial fraud by many hard-working homeowners at the 320, 330 and 340 Dixon Road Buildings but all cries fall on deaf ears. Tony Seljak is in cahoots with corrupt YCC 42 board members who are equally complicit and full-well knowing of Tony Seljak’s nefarious ways. Tony Seljak has also introduced many additional expenses in the name of maintenance and renovations that never came to fruition. In fact Tony Seljak has done this many times before at previous property facilities that he managed through his scam of a shell company “Summerhill Property Management / Summerhill Condos”. Tony Seljak was fired from all his previous property management jobs after being accused of embezzlement fraud, theft, threatening and various other criminal acts.It is strongly believed by many homeowners that Tony Seljak has pocketed much of the embezzled for his own personal selfish gains, as he did with many other condos that he and his shell company Summerhill Property managed, only to be fired and kicked out after condo owners discovered this convicted criminal’s fraudulent ways; Tony Seljak refuses to provide any explanation when confronted about misappropriation of expenses. Tony Seljak should be dealt it with the fullest extent of criminal and civil law and has already been the subject of many legal actions that the YCC # 42 has settled in order to avoid accountability in a public forum. It is highly encouraged that Tony Seljak and his unethical cronies be brought to justice and his actions should be reported to law enforcement authorities at once and/or actions through legal channels!

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First Name: Tony
Middle Name: Seljak,
Last Name: Toronto Canada
Category: Cheaters


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