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Tony Fiore & Paula Pomeroy Cheaters

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This is my story. I have been with this guy for almost 10 years. He started a business an hour away and wanted us to move up there. I gave up my apt my job, friends, family and moved with him. Just so he could start a nasty affair with a desperate older woman that i referred him to for a handyman job. Only took a couple days to get him in bed since hes always been easy. He couldnt handle an affair and his business so he lost his business and went running to her so she could support him. He deserted me up there with no where to go so i had to live in a hotel for months. Instead of him staying gone once a week he would come back crying and begging to come back so i had to get out of there. I was stupid for moving with him. i already knew he was a cheater. He cheated with a employee of his he had a tennant of his pay her rent by having a affair with him he was talking to multiple women online. Then he finally left for this last one cause she has money. This is what he looked like when he was with me. he dont look like that anymore. i think his cheating days are over the only thing he had going for him was his looks and now he dont have that. Now thays karma! This guy could spend hours looking at himself in the mirror he was so inlove with himself. Ladies stay away from him. He will seem like the greatest guy but hes a Snake!!! He promises all these women a future with him then he dumps them after he tires of the s*x . He doesnt love anyone but himself he ruined 2 marriages before me with his cheating. His name is Tony Fiore and the homewrecking s***k that kept begging him to come back is paula pomeroy! They are both nasty. stay away

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First Name: Tony
Middle Name: Fiore
Last Name: & Paula Pomeroy
Category: Cheaters


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