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Tom Scapillato STDs and Infections

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Date: 7:34 am

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Tom Scapillato, of Roswell GA, has been divorced 4 times. This should have been a sign for me to stay away, but my heart overruled my head. After he filed bankruptcy, I supported him emotionally and financially for 6 years. Then I found out he was a bi-sexual cheating on me whenever he could. Not only did I test positive for an STD, he claims it is because he smokes pot and can’t help his behavior. He has had 6 jobs in 7 years, being fired from most of them due to his Italian temper and constant lies. If you are considering a relationship or hiring this man, I would not recommend it. If you ignore this advice, good luck to you…you’ll need it!

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First Name: Tom
Middle Name:
Last Name: Scapillato
Category: STDs and Infections


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