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Tom Gilboy, Illinois Cheaters

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I met Tom on and early on in our relationship, he asked me not to see anyone else but he wanted to keep his profile on Match active to “keep his options open”. I know, shame on me for even continuing to date him. Six more weeks go by and he states his subscription is set to expire and he would not be re-subscribing. We are now in an “exclusive relationship” and he is staying overnight, etc. He hid the profile but not before creating a new one on POF looking to “hang out with no relationship or commitment wanted. When confronted about it he stated he created it the previous summer, despite it showing it was a new account when I found it, and the date/time stamp of his last login was within days of my asking him about the account. Notable instances of times he had another date, he calls you in the morning (out of character) and is not around in the evening. Call him in the evening and he is rushing to change his work clothes so he can get to the bank before they close and he will call later. 5 hours later he calls apologizing for the delay because he got called out for work. His voice changes pitch when he lies and even when presented with the facts he continues to lie. I had just left a date with him and was returning home when my tire blew out on the interstate leaving me stranded at night in subzero temperatures. He didn’t answer my call. His reason 25 minutes later when I finally heard from him, he had his phone on silent and only saw I called and texted when he stopped for gas and looked at his phone to see if he had calls while we were in the movie. His response when I stated I had heard the message indicator chime as we left the theatre for the car. Oh, I heard that too but can’t hear it when it is in my pocket and the radio is up. Btw, he made a beeline for the bathroom when we exited the movie, and clearly checked it then or it wouldn’t have sounded when we left the theatre. I’m stranded, he is talking to her. Calling on a Friday night, before going to dinner at his uncles only to tell you he will call right back because his aunt is calling in. One hour later, calls to tell you his phone only has 4% battery, it dies while talking to him. He calls the next day to cancel the date because he has to work. The list goes on and on but to sum up a long, dramatic story. The lies never stop even when you provide black and white evidence of his actions. Not to be trusted. Match username: tgil34 POF username: golfingtee

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First Name: Tom
Middle Name: Gilboy,
Last Name: Illinois
Category: Cheaters


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