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Tom DiChristina, Georgia Cheaters

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This POS is a narcissistic sociopath. He preys on married women and has broken up at least 3 marriages in the past couple of years. All of those relationships were long distance, but he got busted anyway because he is an alcoholic and he has gotten sloppy. He is a biology professor at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. He used to prey on the young girls working in his lab but now that he’s getting old, fat and a drunk, the young girls steer clear. He doesn’t think he’s old and it’s pathetic and desperate to see how he thinks he’s all that. He is a classic template narcissistic sociopath in that he lies, cheats, manipulates, steals, gambles, into p**n and an alcoholic. He will mirror the person of your dreams and plays on that. He listens to your hopes and dreams and leads you to believe that you two were meant to be and he’s yours forever. This guy doesn’t know love, remorse or guilt. He is selfish and only feels hate (toward women), jealousy, contempt and rage. Towards the end, his mask comes off. He then becomes verbally, emotionally and physically abusive. He becomes contemptuous and cruel to those he discards (even his male friends). Once this predator has used you all up and finds new prey as a supplier, he will start a hate campaign and try to smear your reputation. All of his relationships end badly. He never accepts any responsibility for the damage he causes. He never looks back or thinks twice about the devastation he causes, especially when breaking up marriages and engagements. It’s all a game and he wants to win at all costs. The guy has no boundaries. What he does have is herpes. You can barely get him to pay for a drink, but he’ll gladly give you an STD for free! He’s a very poor representation of a school like Georgia Tech. They need to dump this has been into the garbage.

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First Name: Tom
Middle Name: DiChristina,
Last Name: Georgia
Category: Cheaters


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