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Todd Manisto, Minnesota Cheaters

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It all started when my wife of 13 years started working with this a*****e. We have 3 children together and he knew it. They all went to lunch together a couple times. After 3 months working together at the post office I noticed she started acting different so I checked her phone records and sure enough there was a number on the bill constant. I didn’t call it right away. I asked her who it was and she started acting funny and said just someone from work I asked if it was male or female cause I seen in her phone the number had a guy and girls name so my wife is no better than him!!! She stated guy and my heart sunk. I knew immediately. When I said it was strange for a married man and her to be talking and texting so much she said I had friends that were girls too. Well one night I had a few drinks and worked my courage up and called it. He answered and I said who I was and I was wondering what he had going on with my wife??? He said nothing and I could ask his wife and handed the phone to a lady his wife. I doubted because she started hollering at me and called me a drunk. Well my wife knew I was on to them so she bought a tracfone. I found it in her jacket she forgot. They were still talking constant. I told his wife to check his phone if she did I don’t know or if it was her or some other gal this guy was wooing. Well after 3 months I came home one night and told her I saw him out and was gonna kick his a*s if he didn’t tell the truth and asked her if she had something to say. Well she told me they had been s******g around the whole time but it was over she said they had s*x twice but who can believe a liar!! If it was his wife I was talking to I feel sorry for her for being so naive if my wife she said can believe my wife ??? She said the guy was all over her and she finally caved. I am still with her and it has been hard but i just want to let anybody else know who this guy works with their wives to be warned !!! And to anybody else who this guy hangs with their wives he frequently west Duluth and works in cloquet now so I hear. P.S. I didn’t have the heart to ask when and where.

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First Name: Todd
Middle Name: Manisto,
Last Name: Minnesota
Category: Cheaters


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