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Tito Martinez, New Jersey Cheaters

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Date: 9:53 pm

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This man is the scum of the earth. We were together for two years. Everything was great, not prefect but great. I loved this man very much untill I recently found out that he has been cheating on me for the last three months. He tells me that he doesn’t love me anymore and that I should just move on. I am also seven months pregnant with his son and the woman he is cheating on me with is my aunt. Her name is whorie Lori. Not only is she the biggest sl** in Atlantic City, but she has been know to give bj’s for drugs,and I can confirm that to be true. He is a peice of trash just like her and if your every in A.C. at either Players GoGo bar or Defeo’s bar make sure you spit in they face for me. Tito is the bouncer at players with the silver tooth and Lori works at defeo’s she looks like a d**e who has HIV.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Tito
Middle Name: Martinez,
Last Name: New Jersey
Category: Cheaters


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