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Tiffany Dolfinger: slutty bimbo of Hopewell Junction, NY

This girl (graduate of Orchard View HS and SUNY New Paltz) has got some psychological issues going on in her life. Someone who is mixed race like her doesn’t like East Asian people and Jewish people. Idk why. She makes fun of them and also she also happens to be an ableist and looks down upon people with Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD etc. This girl isn’t loyal to her friends, family and her bf. She breaks a lot of hearts and creates drama. RUN away from her!

Like this:

Author: Anonymous

2 thoughts on “Tiffany Dolfinger: slutty bimbo of Hopewell Junction, NY”

  1. I heard she’s going to college to become a social worker yet she not only makes fun of people because of their skin color (funny that she’s mixed herself) , but also makes fun of disabled people? The sheer stupidity and irony in that one. What a bully, she doesn’t deserve to go to any college so that she can backstab people while work with them in the future. So she thinks she can make money off of doing that? What a disgusting, mentally insane b***h.

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