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The truth about Catherine Wilkins of USF Judy Genshaft Honors College, Medical Humanities. Scam Alerts

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The truth about Catherine Wilkins of USF Judy Genshaft Honors College, Medical Humanities.

To whom it may concern:

A cancer charity scam occurred at University of South Florida, USA.

This was done by Catherine Wilkins, USF Professor.

Photographs and documents as evidence are available.

It involves:

Cancer charity fraud, accusations of rape to hide a secret affair between university student/employee and their university supervisor, sexual harassment, state/university computers filled with p**n, a male university supervisor that writes s*x stories and then requests female student/employee to read them aloud as he masturbates, lying on university applications, and creating falsified documents for alibis and coverups — and the near death of a real cancer patient that was abused so that an university professor could use a cancer fraud to advance their career (cancer charity fraud and academic fraud).

The professors involved that have committed cancer charity fraud, sexual harassment, and more — have now risen to some of the highest positions in the University of South Florida (USF) — because of coverups, blocking abuse reports, creating false documents to hide evidence, and refusing to do proper investigations.

Professor Catherine Wilkins (Judy Genshaft Honors College) used a “fake cancer scam.”

Catherine Wilkins committed multiple instances of charity fraud, asking for charity funds “for” a cancer patient, but under dishonest pretenses.

(In her own name, for herself. The real cancer patient never knew — until now.)

Catherine Wilkins created her own scam, pretending to be the “caretaker” of a real cancer patient.

She wasn’t.

Using this fraudulent tactic, Professor Catherine Wilkins applied for grants, scholarships, and charity money. (CHARITY FRAUD.) Prof. Wilkins used it on job and internship applications, telling university professors she was “caring for a cancer patient” and “paying all of their medical bills.”

She wasn’t.

Catherine Wilkins claimed she went into “debt” from these “bills.”

She didn’t.

Catherine Wilkins then asked for money from charities. (FRAUD)

Wilkins did this for many years. She only stopped her “fake cancer caretaker” story once she gained all she could.

(Wilkins also made other false claims to help herself — not just about cancer.)

Catherine Wilkins wanted charity funds for herself — plus the respect, rewards, and sympathy that comes with being a “cancer patient caretaker.” Wilkins wanted “good deeds” and “medical experience” to boost herself.

Pretending to be a “cancer caretaker” (just as she has seen real cancer caretakers do) — Wilkins even faked shaving her head.

Wilkins made a “fake concoction” that was supposed to be her shaved head — when she really cut-and-glued trimmings of her real hair to a bald cap, then put all her own hair beneath the bald cap, and wore a bandanna and hat, trying to “make it look real.”

Prof. Wilkins of USF FAKED it ALL.

This is disgusting behavior.

This takes much conniving and effort.

The real cancer patient almost died several times — from abuses, gaslighting, neglect, and interferences.

After committing various cancer charity frauds and lying to universities with her own “fake cancer caretaker” scheme — Professor Catherine Wilkins is now leading “Medical Humanities.” The same field she abused.

It is an atrocity to cancer survivors, charities, and REAL CARETAKERS.


It is not any different than a fraudster claiming “workman’s compensation.”

That fraudster wants to go to BOTH “Disney World” PLUS collect “unemployment/worker’s comp.”

Professor Catherine Wilkins wanted the same.

Catherine Wilkins of USF wanted to party, go on vacations, go to male strip clubs, put s*x-fling ads on the internet, have frequent secret cheating s*x affairs …PLUS… pretend to be honorable to others by “going in debt paying medical bills” and “sacrificing by caring for a dying cancer patient” — so she could collect fraudulent respect, fraudulent sympathy and attention for herself, and fraudulently-obtained charity money for herself.

PLUS… fraudulently rise in her academic career.

The frauds are the same…

Except that a real person’s LIFE is at stake — the REAL CANCER PATIENT.



Prof. Catherine Wilkins had an inappropriate and dishonest cheating affair with one of her university supervisors at the time, David Brodosi. When Wilkins was caught, she accused supervisor Brodosi of sexual harassment and rape. She then created false stories and false documents for several years to protect herself, essentially escaping accountability. She has risen to Assistant Dean of the Judy Genshaft Honors College at USF… a high position that requires integrity and ethics. She often chairs ethics committees. She has demonstrated multiple times of completely lacking ethics.

Catherine Wilkins’ USF state-owned work computers were filled with p*********y and s*x stories from her university supervisor David Brodosi.

David Brodosi at the time directed the university library. Under his direction, the work atmosphere was extremely sexually charged and inappropriate. Many employees were allowed, even encouraged to view and download p**n with and onto their state-owned university computers, during work hours. Conversations were often sexual.

Director David Brodosi initiated an inappropriate sexual relationship, contact, and messages during university work hours, at the university.

David Brodosi himself writes s*x stories, and viewed and downloaded p**n during work hours on his state-owned computer. David Brodosi then sent p**n to female student and employee, using his university work email. David Brodosi then also sent female student and employee his self-authored s*x stories. David Brodosi of USF requests his female employee call him on the phone, and read his own s*x stories aloud to him, as he masturbates.

David Brodosi and Catherine Wilkins became sexually entangled within a cheating s*x affair so deeply, that Wilkins accused him of sexual harassment and rape.

Catherine Wilkins went on to commit cancer charity frauds herself, trying to steal money.

The web of cancer charity frauds, academic fraud, and sexual harassment at USF (University of South Florida) grows from there… and it involves professors in top positions that have been lying much of their careers.

A concerned cancer survivor.

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