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Terrance Bryant, Los Angeles, California Psychos

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He is physically and verbally abusive to an EXTREME degree. He will think nothing of punching you in the face if his lack of intelligence is threatened. He is alarmingly cunning in his deception and will screw hookers if you don’t give it up to him 10 times a day and he will find a way to force you to work and hand over your earnings to him as if he’s some kind of pimp. Any friendships with anyone who is not under his direct control is forbidden and he will begin to systematically isolate you from your friends and family, blame you for cheating (while he is contacting underage girls online via instant messenger,) his emotions are quite unstable and he is a true and honest to gosh sociopath. He does not care about anything but you as apossession and lord help you if he finds a way to dupe you into having his child (like his 2 ex- girlfriends.) He is a liar, and a smoothe one at that who conned me into hooking up with him and then beat me daily, nearly into submission, constantly threatening to kill me. He only thinks of himself and his needs and will not show you any care other than extremely childish ways once he has made you his “woman.” BE FOREWARNED.

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First Name: Terrance
Middle Name: Bryant,
Last Name: Los Angeles, California
Category: Psychos


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