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Teresa Kiernan Cheaters

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Teresa Kiernan of Sydney- lives in kings cross or darlinghurst. Studies at Sydney uni social science I think. Anyway she is a manipulating cunning woman. After several dates I noticed she was an odd one. She craved attention and would contact me at all hours of the day demanding to see me. I slept with her only once… And she had the most hairs around her u know what ive ever seen and under her arms. I couldn’t get the smell off me quicker enough. After I broke if off after about a week or two of knowing her she would call me all the time wanting to see me. When I refused she went Psycho. Tried to find my friends where I would go out so she could bump into me. Then she started contacting my work. I called the police and they said I needed proof of this. I couldn’t be bothered as I think she got the message and left me alone. So guys of Sydney and around kings cross be careful I u come into contact with this woman. Major Psycho of Sydney.

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First Name: Teresa
Middle Name:
Last Name: Kiernan
Category: Cheaters


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