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Tavares Lee Davis Cheaters

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This is one sociopath I feel obligated to warn all women about. I have worked with him for over 4 years – just at different locations. In June he finally disclosed how he has wanted to be with me or many years, but out of respect of my earlier long term relationship, he didn’t share that with me. He knows just the right things to say. He will tell you he is in the Military and is about to retire as an E8. FALSE! He will tell you how invested his family is in Disney, Under Armour, etc…. FALSE!!!! He will tell you he has full custody of both children and their mother’s are deadbeats. FALSE! His daughter lives with the step-mother and the son – he hasn’t seen in over a year! He will tell you he has cancer. he told one girl in February he had stomach cancer. He told me in June that he had lung cancer. He just YESTERDAY told his boss he has testicular cancer. FALSE!! FALSE!! FALSE!! He would come to church with me…my church family was praying over his non-existent cancer. Many of my friends have cancer or are survivors…they take cancer very seriously and we were all praying over him. HOW LOW CAN ONE PERSON GET FOR ATTN?!?! He was engaged to one girl he works with at our main office, living PT with her and was due to be married this weekend, yet was actively still living with his wife until the last couple of weeks as well. He was able to do this because he shared time in both houses by saying he was working OT. His fiancé found out about the WIFE and the other G/F when he left his phone at her house accidentally….she kicked him out and then found out about me. He then went to live with the other g/f, sending his daughter back with her step-mother. I wish I had someone warn me that this man was anything but who he portrayed himself to be. it took me THREE months to learn any of this about him….and the stories are still flooding in. He does not learn from experience, he has no sense of responsibility, he is unable to control impulses, he lacks moral sense, he lacks any and all guilt and displays an extreme amount self-centeredness.

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First Name: Tavares
Middle Name: Lee
Last Name: Davis
Category: Cheaters


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