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Tag: STDs

Darren Ambler- S*x/Drug Addict/ STD’s- Sociopath- Abortion- Prostitute- Liar- Cherry Hill- NJ:

DARREN AMBLER has been compared to Mindy Murray. It seems Miss Murray and Darren Ambler have much in common like “Lack of Moral Fiber”- Severe Sexual Addictions/Compulsions- Drug Use- Anger issues- Mental illness-Selfishness- lack of Self-esteem-Poor Manners- lack of Social skills- Abusive- pathological Lying-refusal to take accountability for their wrongful and inappropriate actions. Mindy is…

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Michael Noah Levine, West Hollywood, CA USA

Michael Noah Levine lives in Los Angeles and is certifiably insane. This man is all over the gay hook up apps and sends desperate messages to others in the middle of the night. He cannot hold a job due to his drug and alcohol abuse and claims he is clean but his behavior suggests otherwise….

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Jaylene Geisler Boston Massachusetts

This disgusting gross black tooth b***h, who pretends to know all about yoga but her stupid videos only prove she can’t hold simple yoga stances, makes me ill. And her writing? Get references because that’s a joke. She moved from Tampa to Boston then supposedly New York because the dislike for her was way too…

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