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Hong Kong Wellness Warrior, Coco Chan 陳玉霞, famously did time in California prison as a repeat-convicted felon of non-coercive transactions to use, obtain, possess and sell illegal drugs @Cokes C0caine!

Honkies are so stupid, they buy whatever I tell them. after I moved back to Hong Kong a decade ago, I have been shining like a diamond, I pretend to be smart, and bubbly. I fake an accent when I speak Cantonese, pretend to be so Americanized. Pretend I didn’t come from a broken fu¢ked…

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Amanda Roller Carrollton Texas

This sorry b***h is a meth w***e. She has slept with probably a hundred guys. She never uses protection and now has syphilis and gonnorrhea she got from a homeless b*m she has been f*****g. She was in a relationship for 7 years and lied and cheated the whole time. She started using meth 2…

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