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Betsy Palazzola, Detroit City Declared Disaster Recovery Program Manager

270 Chalmers St, Detroit MI 48215 14245 Penrod St, Detroit MI 48223 Elizabeth Palazzola https://detroitmi.gov/node/16241 https://www.linkedin.com/in/erpalazzola Betsy Rose Palazzola / Elizabeth Palazzola / Betsy P / Betsy Rose. Detroit’s disaster recovery program manager is a f**king disaster! She’s been bragging to her friends about the married politicians she’s hooking up with, as if every city…

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Olga Lucía Murcia Pinzón

This Colombian woman, supposedly educated and with a wealthy father, is nothing more than a s**t who came to Guatemala to become involved with a married man. This same woman got pregnant with this Guatemalan so that he left his family for her but did not succeed. She remained her lover until he was discovered…

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Henry Kopel

Assistant U.S. Attorney Henry Kopel of Connecticut (who works for Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham) is a completely unhinged, dangerous, biased, extreme racist, extreme Zionist, psychologically imbalanced, who hates Muslims or anyone who criticizes Israel, its policies or its treatment of Palestinians, and he should not be allowed anywhere near prosecutor power or the ability…

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James Anthony arness Mosley aka Tony hills mcfadden

See womensavers and playerblock for reports on Anthony McFadden tony hills, James mosley Mike William’s, he uses so many aliases . He is one truck driving w***e. Women in georgia New Jersey, louisana, Arkansas Texas, Illinois, Oklahoma have been abused and ghosted. He lies says he wants to marry you and then has s*x and…

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