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Hong Kong Wellness Warrior, Coco Chan 陳玉霞, famously did time in California prison as a repeat-convicted felon of non-coercive transactions to use, obtain, possess and sell illegal drugs @Cokes C0caine!

Honkies are so stupid, they buy whatever I tell them. after I moved back to Hong Kong a decade ago, I have been shining like a diamond, I pretend to be smart, and bubbly. I fake an accent when I speak Cantonese, pretend to be so Americanized. Pretend I didn’t come from a broken fu¢ked…

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Heather Herpes Trobaugh

Heather Trobaugh is a mentally ill lady! She wants what she can’t have! She will terrorize you whole family (wife, kids, job, co-workers). I made the mistake of sleeping with her (she used to dance on the side for a friend) and I thought why not!!! Big huge mistake. She came to my house she…

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Justin samaan Haddad Glendale, AZ, USA

I was with this, I’ll caLloyd him “individual” for quite a looong time. Too long for that matter. Let me start off by saying I knew he was crazy from very beginning, but I went against what my instincts told me for short term happiness. Ino the beginning he was so loving, charming, caring..did everything…

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