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Hong Kong Wellness Warrior, Coco Chan 陳玉霞, famously did time in California prison as a repeat-convicted felon of non-coercive transactions to use, obtain, possess and sell illegal drugs @Cokes C0caine!

Honkies are so stupid, they buy whatever I tell them. after I moved back to Hong Kong a decade ago, I have been shining like a diamond, I pretend to be smart, and bubbly. I fake an accent when I speak Cantonese, pretend to be so Americanized. Pretend I didn’t come from a broken fu¢ked…

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Tiarra A Hawkins

This girl is the definition of a human mattress. Her “specialty” is going after taken or married men. She knows that they are in a relationship and doesn’t care, she bashes the girlfriend or wife, talks the men into meeting up with her and in the end gets upset when the guy wants nothing to…

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United States

Blake likes to bang any chick ONLY if he’s drunk. He’s a closeted homosexual and lives in his parents basement. Everyone thinks he’s SO nice but really he’s selfish, spoiled and pathetic. No motivation or desire to be a real man. He’s a little boy who thinks material items will create happiness (yet lives in…

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Jaylene Geisler Boston Massachusetts

This disgusting gross black tooth b***h, who pretends to know all about yoga but her stupid videos only prove she can’t hold simple yoga stances, makes me ill. And her writing? Get references because that’s a joke. She moved from Tampa to Boston then supposedly New York because the dislike for her was way too…

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