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Tag: crazy

Maggie Tyler-California/Florida USA

MAGGIE Maggie Tyler Welter and other names she goes by will pretend like she loves you like she my first but behind his back & his sister conjured a sordid plot to use any means necessary to ruin my friend while Maggie seduced our bosses & his wife the Boyles with nudes & s*x talk….

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David D Jones, San Antonio Tx, Richmond Va, Cleveland and Cincinnati Oh, Colorado, Key West Fl, Woodlands Tx, Los Angles Ca, San Fran Ca, Key West Fl, and several other States

281-702-2137 866-862-1719 age-60 dob 9/18/57-58 5’8″ 230-240lbs brown/gray hair blue eyes big-a*s round head he thinks is all brains believes his own lies Attorney who hasn’t realized he’s a 60 year old, at least 50lbs overweight, game playing, sick perv. He gets away with batting his blue eyes and flirting, making you feel special. Ladies-…

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Kimberly Kaye Perry Latonia, Ky USA

Do Not get in a relationship with her…. she is controlling. She will put parental controls on your phone and track your bank card. She will call your entire family to pled her case that you are crazy and drunk and a drug addict….all of this to maintain control. She doesn’t care if any of…

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