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Tag: cheating boyfriend

Christopher Isaac liar cheater Louisiana

Christopher Isaac of Marrero Louisiana wise cheese cons and scams women to get what he wants he also has a massive s*x addiction where he sleeps with escorts in multiple women in the same timeframe he is always broke because he spends his money on escorts and Other Woman or himself he does not pay…

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Mike Robert Beady, Michigan / Texas

Mike Beady is a married cheater who has continuously lied and manipulated the other woman while married. This man is narcissistic and has been involved with multiple women during his marriage. Had an affair for a year and a half claiming to want to move in with the other woman, have kids and start a…

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Albert centeno Bargas san antonio tx

This guy is trouble a huge temper set off by a feather weight if stress and he abuses woman as well as cheats . he was cheating with my sister and trying to with my friends his ex’s dating site (adultfriendfinder) always watching poem and degraded me regularly. Spitting on me making fun of me…

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Albert centeno Bargas

Paid my sister for dirty pics. Tried to pay my friend to f**k but on the front. He has spit in my face . hit me destroyed my self esteem. Stole my ring my grandmother gave me. Locked me out of my own place and left me countless times in my car

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Marsha Garcia (Holder) Tramp of Lake Mary, Florida

Marsha Garcia a/k/a Marsha Garcia Holder who is 39 is one calculated user and manipulator and aggressor when it comes to going after another womans husband and using him and keeping him invested until she can squeeze the life out of him like a black widow. She freely spreads her legs and opens her mouth…

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