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Sweeney loses to a truck DRIVER Cheaters

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New Jersey election results: The state’s most powerful machine politician is losing to a truck driver who spent $153 on his campaign.

It’s a little hard to draw any specific ideological lesson here because in New Jersey Sweeney was generally considered an obstacle to Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy’s agenda rather than a supporter of it. (The state teachers union hates this guy so much that they actually spent $5 million supporting his Republican opponent in 2017.) Meanwhile, your New Jersey–based correspondent is hearing secondhand that Sweeney is calling members of his caucus and blaming progressives for his loss, as one does. In any case, he counted his chickens before they hatched, and Edward Durr drove over them with a semitruck.

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First Name: Sweeney
Middle Name: loses
Last Name: to a truck DRIVER
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