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Svante Myrick. Ithaca. NY. USA. Cheaters

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I am a Cornell Undergrad (Class of 2020) and I am sick of Svante Myricks nasty sexual perversions. He constantly stalks me near my job and my collegetown apartment on Eddy St. I have thought for a long time about actually coming forward but I was concerned because he is a local celebrity and Mayor of Ithaca. He constantly texts me and fb msgs me to come over late at night to be with him and his roomates. He is always walking around drunk with some new blonde girl and I think that he ran for mayor just to get attention from blonde women. It’s embarrassing to the town that he runs around like a Cornell Basketball player rather than a respectable mayor. I find his come-ons to be based on my long bobby blonde hair and my fancy figure and his extreme alcohol abuse/intoxication. I am concerned that he is constantly creeping on young undergrad college girls just because he says he went to Cornell, he thinks he has the right to push himself on young women sexually when he is hammered drunk and sometimes I have heard that he may overstep his place and force young mostly blonde college girls to please him sexually or fear outcast in such a small town and college campus where he knows everyone. For the sake of your blonde daughters sisters and wives I would stay away from this leeper and I hope he gets whats coming to him soon.

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First Name: Svante
Middle Name: Myrick.
Last Name: Ithaca. NY. USA.
Category: Cheaters


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