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Stuart Wine, Clemson, South Carolina Cheaters

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I wish there had been someone to warn me about Stuart Wine before I started dating him. I’m not doing this to get revenge. I’m doing this to warn other girls that Stuart is definitely NOT the nice person he seems to be when you first meet him. He will do a complete 180.

Please don’t make the mistake I did of letting Stuart pressure you into sleeping with him. He will say anything to get in your pants! He likes to take things way too fast. In the beginning, he will tell you how perfect he thinks you are, and how he sees there being a serious future between the two of you. If you take Stuart around your friends & family, he will probably even say those things about you to them too. He will try to convince you that he genuinely cares about you. And he will also pressure you to have s*x with him, even though you’ve let him know you’re not ready yet.

He acted like I was an uptight old woman for having him wait a month after we met until we slept together. (Then a couple months later, when he was breaking up with me, he actually said to me that he would have broken up with me back then, had I made him wait even a day longer to have s*x.)

During the break-up conversation, he told me that he had no feelings for me anymore. I reminded him of some of the things he said just a couple weeks earlier about feeling so strongly for me. His answer was “Well, a lot of times, what I say isn’t what I actually think.” What??

Stuart has very little respect for anyone, especially not for women. Not long after he got his way & we started sleeping together, he started being extremely critical of me. While he had “really liked” me about a week earlier, suddenly everything I said & did was so annoying to him. He started making a lot of very condescending, insulting comments (mostly to me, but also to a couple of my friends).

He says himself that he’s moody, and that he holds grudges against people for a long time. He talks bad about almost everyone he knows. And he told me that he’s never cared at all whether it hurt his past girlfriends’ feelings when he broke up with them.

For the few months that I dated Stuart, I treated him really well, spent a lot of money on him, and definitely didn’t deserve the 180 he did. So, please don’t let yourself end up like I did– being used and broken up with.

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First Name: Stuart
Middle Name: Wine,
Last Name: Clemson, South Carolina
Category: Cheaters


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