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Stuart Jenkins DeadBeat

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Stuart Jenkins is originally the Reno/Sparks Nevada area but now resides in Ft. Worth Texas with his ugly pig looking girlfriend. He is a disgusting human being with autism and multiple personality disorder. He lies to his friends, claims he has a lot of money but in reality is broke and lives off SSI. He lies to everyone, talks s**t behind your back and barely has any friends left. He talks about wanting to sleep with married woman, and even tried to make a move on his best friends wife. Luckily if it wasn’t for his autism, his friend would’ve kicked his a*5. He takes advantage of people and steals from them including from their own home but yet accuses them of being the ones that steal. He has been caught shoplifting and has been on video surveillance but still denies the fact that he steals . He lives with his ugly a*5 pig looking girlfriend Erica who was posted on The Dirty by another person. He also sh1ts himself and has a constant problem with incontinence. Even while he’s having s*x, he sh1ts himself and women are completely turned off by that. Whenever his own friends try and help him or give him advice he just doesn’t care or listen. Stay away from him

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First Name: Stuart
Middle Name:
Last Name: Jenkins
Category: DeadBeat


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