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Steven Ira Saslow Cheaters

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This guy is currently 64 and is finally a sad and lonely man because his cheating ways caught up with him. He had everything. — a lovely wife with 2 adopted children, all the money he needed (worked in private equity and more recently as a consultant for the Blackstone Group), multiple homes, and even another ex-wife (the first ex-wife) with 2 grown kids from that marriage and his most recent wife was smart and accomplished but I guess he couldn’t stand that she made more money that he did and he had to find a way to get back at her.

He cheated on her (with me), with another woman for over a year until she got tired and got married and all of this was while he was still married to the second wife. He kept saying he wanted to work on the marriage but he’d cheat again and then he moved out and while they were still married he cheated on her again with a young woman and got her pregnant. He claimed he was drunk the entire time they were together so that tells you what kind of a man he is!

And now this aging, self absorbed, selfish cheater has nothing and is sad and lonely and can’t figure out why. Good for the wife who made him sign away any claims to her big money and don’t you know he’s so angry about that. And to hear the things he says about his still young children would make you sick. Doesn’t care about anyone but himself. If you meet this guy in NYC watch out because he’s a mean person and he’s selfish and has hurt a lot of people and finally he’s getting his.

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First Name: Steven
Middle Name: Ira
Last Name: Saslow
Category: Cheaters


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