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Steven H. Salami, formerly Hazlet, New Jersey..Currently… San Diego, CA Cheaters

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I dated this man for about 2 years. He seemed wonderful, amazing…He was an attorney and took me on glorious vacations. But, that is what I regretfully found out all abusers do in the beginning….I would never post on a site like this. But I feel as if justice was not served to this man. Because of his job and ties with the court system. Our relationship needed to end i felt as if we were going different ways although i loved him very much..he would constantly yell at me keep me from my friends and family. put me down, tell me i would never amount to anything without him n blah blah the whole 9. One day he snapped and we got into an argument because as always he failed to pay his internet bill on time. he started strangling me i was so shocked n scared i ran into the bathroom with my phone shaking i thought he was gonna kill me but i loved him so much i just wanted him to say sorry..he never did.. he broke the bathroom door down and hit me repeatedly with the bar thats used to hang a towel which fell when he opened the door..i ducked my head and thought he was gonna knock me out n kill me…the bathroom is all 70s tile and i was screaming please stop and he bite me and hit me and kicked me and spit on me several times until i was able to convince him to stop..i was bleeding covered in bruises..and have not seen that man since…we went to court and he didn’t get in trouble..i had pictures and everything .. he has to go to anger management which he will fake from one of his client friends…either way his ex wife told me he was scum…he can run from new jersey but I’m sure in san diego another girl like me will stand up for herself and one day justice will be served because once an abuser always an abuser…..stay away from salami….

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First Name: Steven
Middle Name: H.
Last Name: Salami, formerly Hazlet, New Jersey..Currently… San Diego, CA
Category: Cheaters


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