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Steven Andrew Mauck, Valparaiso, Indiana Cheaters

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Steven is a good looking, sweet talking con man. He has been to jail which he does not make private. He was accused of r***, and tried but found not guilty. I believe 110% that he was wrong found innocent. He has gone as far as to tell women he can not have sexual intercourse. He lies about literally every aspect of his life. I don’t know if he even knows what the reality of his life is anymore. Some of his lies….He claims to own property in Valparaiso. He claims to have gotten into trouble and put in jail for check fraud for 100,000′s of dollars when it was check fraud but not those type of amounts. He claims to be an ex veteran who was injured. He claims he is a hells angel biker. He claims that he owns his own business, has all kinds of money etc. He even told one gal that he rented a house he was staying at, told her all kinds of stories about it. And yet he was crashing in the basement, living off the family who has owned the house for over 50 years! The reality of this man is….he lives off anyone he can con into helping him. He will go to great lengths to fool you. Even pretend to be religious, devout etc. He borrows money from people who he never pays back, he has stolen from an elderly mentally handicapped man with dementia. He lies and says he is with his children when he is not. He claims he is going to talk with his kids mom, when he is not.
He will tell you all you want to hear, he will claim to have said things to you he never has. He will make you feel bad for being upset. Turn everything around on you. Even when caught in his lies, he tries to figure a way out of them. Oh an the best part, he caused himself *somehow possible overdose* to have a seizure while staying with some friends. He then lied about having a blockage in his brain, and having brain surgery, he even went to the extent of using a fake eye patch. Even claimed he was dying. Do NOT trust this man. He will take you for everything you have!!

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Cheater Details

First Name: Steven
Middle Name: Andrew
Last Name: Mauck, Valparaiso, Indiana
Category: Cheaters


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