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Steven A Wojcik 83 Lake George Ave Ticonderoga NY Cheaters

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Date: 4:21 pm

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Scuzzy Steve Wojcik is a predator and a want to be rapist. Steve is a loser who focuses on women who normally wouldn’t have anything to do with him and takes advantage of them when they are in a bad place. For example, Scuzzy Steve Wojcik took advantage of a woman he knew for almost thirty years that was married for twenty five of them and, when she was on depression medication for clinical depression and anxiety, got her drunk and then took advantage of her sexually. He also sent this mother of five a d***o and lingerie in the mail…all the while knowing her husband and STILL trying to press his luck. Once his wife Trisha Melton found out, Trashy Trisha decided to post lies about the woman on the internet for her five children to see. Steven and Trashy Tricia are an ugly couple outside and inside….stay far away from these two losers.

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First Name: Steven
Middle Name: A
Last Name: Wojcik 83 Lake George Ave Ticonderoga NY
Category: Cheaters


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