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Steve Murphy, Gold Coast, Queensland Cheaters

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Date: 1:23 am

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Met Steve Murphy on adultfriendfinder. Steve Murphy pursued me, sent me naked pics of himself, approx 20000 text messages, at least 3 hours on the phone talking everyday. He talked trash about his wife who he has been married to for the past 20 years, made promises to leave her. He is into paddling (a member of an outrigger club on the gold coast). He has 2 kids. he literally told me all about his family, work, his past infidelities – called me his best friend, told me he loved me and then cut me cold when he was getting ready to go to Tasmania for Nationals. If he has done it to me, and his wife, I can guarantee he is still doing it.

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First Name: Steve
Middle Name: Murphy,
Last Name: Gold Coast, Queensland
Category: Cheaters


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