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Steve Barnes, Bellevue, WA Narrows Construction Cheaters

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Date: 10:25 pm

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Steve Barnes LIED A MILLION TIMES!!.. Told me he was single, Owned his own Construction Business (NARROWS CONSTRUCTION INC) and owned his own home at 16200 NE 19th PL, Bellevue Washington, but when I would go out to see him all he ever did was drive me around and look for places to have s*x. After a few of the lame teenage experiences, I had to wonder, as it became obvious he had something to hide. Turns out, he is in a relationship, does NOT own a house and i’m not even sure the truck he had was his. Avoid this guy, turns out he is from one of the SKANKIEST families, i did a little background on him and found out his relatives were mostly convicted drug abusers and Registered Child S*x Offenders (Dan Siebels of NY to name 1 of them). I am ashamed of myself for ever having s*x with him but, I am relieved it was only 3 times, but, 3 times is too many after realizing what i was with. I am not even sure if he is employed, let alone, own NARROWS CONSTRUCTION INC. If this is your boyfriend or husband you really need a reality check, do your homework and know who you’re with. A lying cheater, who denied you were even with him!! Good luck to the one who is with him!!

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First Name: Steve
Middle Name: Barnes,
Last Name: Bellevue, WA Narrows Construction
Category: Cheaters


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