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Stephanie Sharp – Omaha, Nebr. HomeWreckers

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Date: 11:19 am

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STEPHANIE SHARP – Sleeps with married men. She has had several affairs with a married men and is a gold digger. She had, and continues to have an illicit relationship with my friends Ex. My friend was and still is ill, taking care of 3 children. Ms Sharp was aware of this but heartlessly busted up a 16-year marriage. She and this IMMORAL, HEARTLESS Pl. Surgeon were confronted on several occasions before the divorce, yet they still carried on this adulterous affair. She went so far, in the first week of the affair, to contact a divorce attorney on her lover’s behalf so he could divorce my friend. Unbelievable. If she will stoop so low to destroy a marriage, why would anyone want her to represent them? (NOT TO BE TRUSTED). My friends Ex is so stupid and believes this HOE is in love with him. All she is after is a meal ticket and someone to take care of her and her kids. She recently was arrested for domestic assault, child neglect and has mental problems and a sever drinking problem. However, considering all this the ignorant, egotistical, heartless, ex is still sleeping with this tramp and sadly subjecting my friend’s children to her. This is despite his children requesting that their dad not be involved with her (HE CARES NOT WHAT IS BEST FOR THEM). It’s obvious, Ms. Sharp does not mind sleeping with married men or even men involved in relationships with other women. She exemplifies the term SL*T as she is one for sure.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Stephanie
Middle Name: Sharp
Last Name: – Omaha, Nebr.
Category: HomeWreckers


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