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Stephanie Rankin HomeWreckers

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Thanks to this b***h, me and my husband got herpes and syphilis! She should have a disease warning label!! Dirty w***e!!.Me and my partner have been together for 4 years and I have always been very honest and truthful with him, and I thought he had been till I found out the day before my birthday that he had cheated on me with my so called best friend. I was so hurt and beside myself till he sat down and told me what had happened. This dirty w**** went after my partner from he very start, she was seeing this guy who treated her like a princess gave her everything whenever she wanted it, he was raising her daughter from a previous relationship but that clearly wasn’t good enough as she needed to go after my partner. I was 2 and a half months pregnant when all this happened. I was suffering with really bad morning sickness and me and my partner had been having troubles in our relationship fighting over stupid s***. My mother in-law had just passed away and I was feeling really down in the dumps so I turned to this dirty w**** telling her everything, when I say everything I mean everything! I thought I could trust her I thought I had nothing to worry about. Never in my worst nightmare did I see what was about to happen.

My partner has also turned to this to bit w**** knowing I had spoken to her about everything he asked her what he needed to do to fix what was happening and she pretty much told him there was nothing he could and that she could give him what I wasn’t and what he should have. As we hadn’t been sexual for a while as I had morning sickness and didn’t feel like it he stupidly made the biggest mistake of his life and slept with this homewrecker. She started rubbing his (removed) and telling him everything he wanted to hear and things turned to other things and yep, well he cheated on me.

She made the biggest mistake by trying to destroy my family! After they had s*x he left straight away cause he was completely beside himself but things didn’t stop there. They were friends on Facebook and msn and she started talking and sending naked photos and asking him to go on Skype and she kept sending them. He never knew when she was going to send a new and different one through then she would message me to see if I was home and would try to come out. Well she turned up when I wasn’t home and my partner was and yep she tried again to slept with my partner again and yep he nearly did and couldn’t go through with it and told her she had to leave and not to come back. I thought something was wrong as my partner was starting to push me away as my pregnancy went on. I thought I had done something wrong he started taking his phone with him everywhere and was distancing himself from me, I knew something was wrong but I wasn’t going to give up on my family as we have a 2 year old son together and we had one on the way but all this time me not knowing what had happened between them. I was still friends with her we would go out for lunch and dinners. How stupid was I was not to see what had happened she came to my son’s 1st birthday party which was only a couple of weeks after what happened and she walked around being all nice to my family and friends. I felt so betrayed and stupid when my partner told me, I was so hurt and angry so I went around to her house and her sister and mother came to the door trying to make excuses for why she did what she did so I filled her mother in about how her daughters had known about her father cheating or their mother for the past 2 years and then pretending like they didn’t know I said you must be so proud of your w**** of a daughter! When I left I tried to ring her and she wouldn’t answer my phone calls kept hanging up she knew that I was going to kill her!

A month on and I still haven’t see her but the way I look at it every dog has there day and sweetie yours will come! I know my family isn’t the only one she has f****d with that’s right ladies she’s a man eating homewreckering w****! I think she was hoping I would leave my partner so she could just walk on in and take my place well hunny I ain’t going anywhere! We are happy something you’ll never be, I just hope that Mark isn’t stupid to stay with you and be used like you are doing to him cause he’s better off without your skanky a*s! I feel sorry for your daughter what morals are you teaching her? MAN BE CAREFUL AS SHE’S OUT TO FALL PREGNANT ANDTHATS ALL SHE WANTS SO SHE CAN TRAP YOU… MAN KEEP YOUR (Removed) IN YOUR PANTS! SHE IS NOT WORTH LOOSING YOUR FAMILY OVER…


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First Name: Stephanie
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Last Name: Rankin
Category: HomeWreckers


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