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Stephanie Baechle , 3909 Thornwood Dr, Columbia MO 65202 Misc.

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This ugly, fat w***e (and this is meant in a literal sense, as she previously tried and failed to screw someone for free housing, who had zero interest in her because again, she’s ugly) has harassed people at every job she has had, had multiple visits from child services for neglect and suspected substance abuse due to how trashy she and her family are.

Stephanie Baechle has had countless police reports filed against her for making racial threats to organizations (and a recent report was made against her for making domestic terror threats), harassing various people in businesses and stores, and creating disturbances. She falsely accused a man who wanted nothing to do with her of raping her in Kirkwood MO years ago, as a money grab, and she should have been jailed the first time to teach her a lesson.

I have linked the Facebook and employer.

.A word to the wise: Don’t hire or allow her in your business/ home/property. And, if you’re a male who is even somewhat well-off don’t end up alone with this guttertrash , because she will likely prey upon you she failed at all of her other cons.

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First Name: Stephanie
Middle Name: Baechle
Last Name: , 3909 Thornwood Dr, Columbia MO 65202
Category: Misc.


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