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Stella Velazquez, Mount Sterling, Kentucky HomeWreckers

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Date: 10:38 am

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This homewrecker moved in with her cousin who was just trying to help her out and ended up stealing her fiancé and the father of her child. The victim in this is a close family member of mine and this situation has affected us all, my family member doesn’t want to be the one posting for fear of a backlash coming from this vindictive, conniving w***e. Sadly, this girl took advantage of my poor family member and moved in with her, her fiancé and their child. Things seemed a little strange to her, things like she got up late at night and they would both be sitting on the same love seat. He no longer seemed interested in having s*x with his fiancé and was constantly texting someone supposedly a guy friend at work. One day she decided to look through her fiancé’s phone and found a private folder containing over 300 text messages talking about how much they (the fiancé and the cousin) loved each other and some very nasty graphic texts about what they want to do to each other sexually and the times that they had been together. I think the worst part is the fact that this is her cousin. She trusted this homewrecking w***e alone in the house with her fiancé while she worked. After this all came out the victim ended up leaving the home that she and her fiancé shared and now this hoe is shacked up in her cousin’s house with her cousin’s fiancé talking about how much she loves him and wants to be with him!! I want to expose this w***e for what she is so everyone can know what a low life she is. Thanks

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First Name: Stella
Middle Name: Velazquez,
Last Name: Mount Sterling, Kentucky
Category: HomeWreckers


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