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Starlene Duncan Cheaters

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Starlene has had more weiners inside her a*****e than heinz ketchup. One night at her Salon Head 2 Toe she had s*x in the back 3 old men 80 years old and the men said she smelled like dead fish and she does not wipp her a*s because Bob said she had brown s**t up crack her a*s. 8 months later Bob had died from AIDS. Watch out for this nasty w***e, She is on the run infecting men with AIDS, If you honk at this b***h she wants to suck your p****r. She works quick to get what she wants – a married man or any man, ask Starlene Duncan, one of her slutty friends tought her how to give rim jobs. She got her salon training from same nasty s**t that tought her how to give man BJ and rim job, She has slept with 90 diffrent men before hooking up and getting married to a man name Buddy Duncan. Silly s***k thought she would f**k all of the married and he would leave his family but he told his friends she was just an easy stinken s**t he was banging for now. The work in the plant sucks and he wanted a distraction. After he dumped her like a torn rubber that was leaking, she started talking with one of his friends and boo-hooing about the one she wanted to f**k again. This b***h was crying over lost s***n after a few short months of making herself available whenever she was h***y. He bagged it but ran away fast when she wanted to play house. She knew he was married and wanted to talk s**t like she was in the right. She’s no cowwoman..just a cow!

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First Name: Starlene
Middle Name:
Last Name: Duncan
Category: Cheaters


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