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Stanley mclemore

Ladies be aware of this guy name Stanley mclemore. He is nothing but a gapped tooth liar. He lives with his mama and daughter. He is very disrespectful to women. In the beginning he is sweet and loving and will tell you your his. Months later his anger and jealousy will no longer conceal. This man is sick and has no capacity to live. He is everything but normal. He is verbally, sexually and physically abusive. He will use women for money , a free ride or anything because he has no job. This man is a felon and just recently been released from jail for assault with a deadly weapon. He is evil and have no regards for people feelings. He will lie and twist and turn your words around and will make it as if your crazy. What a poor excuse for a human being. He drives an old a*s beat up 1996 Mercedes and think he is rich. He has a mind capacity of an eight year old, but I think most eight year olds are smarter than this dim w*t. He has a daughter he is a terrible father yells at her. This man stole all my money from me and beat me up. He is a cheater found out he use women for his personal gain allow other women to beat me up.

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