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Stacey Lynn Gaither HomeWreckers

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Date: 1:02 am

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My husband had an affair with this trailer park trash for close to 8 weeks. She was dating his brother at the time of the affair. We were friends before the affair started. When I knew her she would get drunk and drive around town with her 18 month old daughter. She also slept with another one of my husbands brothers. In one week she not only was dating my brother-in-law, but sleeping around with my husband and one of the other brothers. Three different guys in one week! She spends all her time in the bars and will go home with anybody. She has a rap sheet a mile long and I can’t count the number of times I know she’s been in trouble with the law. She even tried to kill her baby’s daddy by running him over with her car, while the child was in the car.She is nothing but a piece of trailer park trash! This is a warning for those that live in the area, stay away from her!

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First Name: Stacey
Middle Name: Lynn
Last Name: Gaither
Category: HomeWreckers


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